Sons of Confederate Veterans
129th National Annual Reunion
July 17-20, 2024

Debutante Registration Information Form

($150) Debutante Registration Fee (Deadline June 1, 2024) $150

Registration Fee includes:

  • Debutante Welcome Bag;
  • Debutante Brunch Sat July 20;
  • Photo Session & Souvenir 5” x 7” Photograph;
  • Presentation of Debutante and Dinner at Grand Ball Sat July 20;
  • Debutante Nosegay.

Note: All family members of Debutante must register separately for the Grand Ball through SCV Reunion Registration.

Additional family members attending Debutante Brunch Saturday, July 20, 2024

X $25.00 = $

Note: All family members attending Debutante Brunch must register on this form and pay online with all other Reunion events.

Names of family members attending Saturday Brunch with Debutante:

Total Paid: $

Sons of Confederate Veterans
129th National Annual Reunion
July 17-20, 2024

Debutante Information

Registration is open to all young ladies who meet the following criteria:

  • Debutantes must be a descendant of a Confederate Soldier;
  • Never been married or had a child(ren) and cannot be engaged;
  • Must be between the ages of 16 and 23 years old;
  • Must be escorted by a male when presented;
  • Must attend the Saturday morning presentation rehearsal, preferably with her escort; and
  • Debutantes must NOT have been previously presented at a NATIONAL SCV reunion.

Debutante Attire:

  • Debutantes MUST wear a formal entirely white (floor length) dress;
  • It may NOT be strapless but CAN be sleeveless;
  • Shoes must be white;
  • Debutantes must where white GLOVES

After the debutante has registered, a welcome letter containing more detailed information will be mailed to the debutante.

If additional information is needed prior to registering, please contact:
Ms. Carolyn Arnold at

Please check acknowledging you have read and understand the above broad criteria.

Sons of Confederate Veterans
129th National Annual Reunion,July 20,
2024 Debutante Registration

Debutante’s Full Name:

Debutante’s Address:

High School/University Attending or employment:

Name of Debutante’s Parents:

Rank and Unit of Confederate Ancestor:

Sponsoring SCV Camp (desired but not required):

Camp Location (if being sponsored):

Name of Escort:

Relationship of escort to debutante:

Gross Total:
Convenience Fee (4.2%):
Total Amount: $
Read, understand, and agree with all the Debutante’s Agreement, Terms & Conditions.